VMAR Sukhoi SU-31 EP ARF Kit (33 3/4" Wingspan)

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VMAR Sukhoi SU-31 - Aerobatic Bliss Awaits.In the pursuit of never ceasing dominance, the Sukhoi design bureau pushed aircraft design to the ultimate edge, adding greater power, performance and massive...
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VMAR Sukhoi SU-31 - Aerobatic Bliss Awaits.

In the pursuit of never ceasing dominance, the Sukhoi design bureau pushed aircraft design to the ultimate edge, adding greater power, performance and massive 12+/- G loading capability, creating one of the most potent Russian aerobatic aircraft of the time. Engineered with composite structures that replaced traditional tubular steel design, the SU-31 was nothing short of an engineering marvel, designed to shatter the envelope of aerobatic performance and defy the very laws of physics.

Holding true to the performance and capability of its full scale heritage, VMAR brings the Sukhoi SU-31 to the fore in a light weight, low cost Depron construction, offering intense levels of 3D aerobatic performance that must be seen to believe.

Ultra easy to assemble in ARF form, this rapid build kit can be built in (3) to (5) hours, featuring a (1) piece single servo wing that operates full span ailerons for the ultimate in precision and control. And with a total of (3) servos in the mix that cover the ailerons, elevator and rudder, the Sukhoi SU-31 can be built on the ultimate budget, making this 3D master a must have for the ultimate in low cost 3D thrills.

Designed with a full electric affair in mind, the VMAR Sukhoi SU-31 is ready to house up to 150W of brushless power, offering excellent power and performance at a low budget cost. Paired with durable Depron foam that is easily repaired when a crash takes place, the Sukhoi SU-31 is a potent 3D trainer, allowing low & slow maneuvers without the risks and stress of high priced machines.

Whether just entering the aerobatic world or in search of a low cost, high performance 3D machine, the VMAR Sukhoi SU-31 offers scale detail  and performance, paired with a beautiful high visibility livery that is ready to be pushed to the absolute max and beyond.


High Strength, Low Weight Depron Construction
Simplified (1) Piece Wing with Single Micro Servo Aileron Actuation
Rapid (3) - (5) Hour Assembly Time
Budget Friendly (3) Micro Servo Layout
Aggressive Full Span Ailerons with Incredible 3D Performance
Durable Depron Design


(1) VMAR Sukhoi SU-31 Kit
(1) Fixed Landing Gear Assembly
(1) Instruction Manual

Required for Flight:

(1) 4+ Channel Transmitter
(1) 4+ Channel Receiver
(1) 100W - 150W Brushless Motor
(1) 10A - 15A ESC
(3) Micro Servos
(1) LiPo Battery
(1) Propeller Matched to Motor


Construction Material: Depron
Wingspan: 33 3/4" (860mm)
Length: 25 5/8" (650mm)
Transmitter: 4+ Channels
Weight: 13.6 oz. (409g)
Brushless Motor: 100W - 150W
ESC: 10A - 15A
Battery: 2S 7.4V - 3S 11.1V (800mAh - 1400mAh)
Propeller: 6.6x3 / 7.5x5 / 9x4.7

Warranty Details:

All VMAR kits are trial fit at the factory and inspected to be free from defects & flaws in both material and craftsmanship at date of purchase. Warranty does not cover any components or parts damaged by use or modification. The pilot takes full responsibility for inspection of aircraft before and after each flight, making sure the aircraft is in flight worthy condition relating to safe control of aircraft. Warranty does not cover crash damage or failure of ancillary components unrelated to the aircraft.

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