Price Matching Policy

Price Matching Policies

Competition in the RC world is fierce, and we truly thank you for keeping us in mind when it comes to your RC aircraft needs! 

Below is some basic information on submitting a price match, along with some information on our price matching policies. Of course, if you need further help, feel free to contact us, as we're happy to assist!

Submitting A Price Match

Submitting a price match is fast, simple & easy – simply select the item you are interested in purchasing, and look for the "Price Match" logo, which can usually be found just below the price of the item you have in mind. 

Once you select the "Price Match" button, please fill out all noted fields so our staff can research this price match request.

For quicker service, please copy & past the exact website link of the item in question. If the full / complete hyperlink is not provided, this can delay the price match, or can compromise the price match in full. All price match requests must utilize the full / complete price match link.

Once your price match is submitted, you will receive an email confirming the price match has been sent, and usually within 24 hours, you will receive an email alerting you whether your price match has been confirmed or declined. Be sure to allow more time around weekends and holidays, as staff may not be available during such days to process your price match request.

If your price match has been confirmed, making your purchase is as simple as placing your online order as normal, as the item in your shopping cart (or via our website) will now reflect the new confirmed price match.

Lower Pricing via Competitor Websites

Just like the old saying goes, “you get what you pay for,” as some other retail sites (no matter how low they sell), will never offer the services that we will, nor will they be around when things don’t turn out just right.

With the variety of overseas vendors, you will often find lower pricing on certain items, but you are taking a calculated risk when it comes to shipping, product damage, and customer support. Even some US based sellers who sell very low have been consistently problematic when it has come to any form of support after the sale, such as not even answering customer phone calls, emails or otherwise when things go wrong. 

Yes, you may find an item for less, but it’s for a very specific reason, as few retail stores (especially overseas) offer any form of customer support – they simply drop their prices and look for a sale. Simply put, buyer beware.

What Vmar Shop Offers

At Vmar Shop, we strive to offer the lowest pricing, greatest selection, along with the best customer care, bar none. We pride ourselves in friendly customer support before & after the sale, and have an excellent sales staff that is ready to serve you, no matter what may take place.

You may find a lower price elsewhere, but we challenge such retailers to match what we offer – something few, if any retailers offer in terms of customer support & care.

- Monday through Friday USA Based Phone Support
- Near 24 Hour Email Support
- Toll Free 1-800 Number
- Sales Staff that Understands RC Aircraft
- Customer Service, Support & Care with Every Purchase Made
- Friendly Tech Support
- USA Based Shipping
- Same Day Shipping for Nearly Every Order We Ship
- Safe, Secure Shopping
- Excellent Stock & Selection
- Free Shipping Options for USA Based Qualified Orders
- Quality Items We Stand Behind

We hope the above information will help when considering a price match, and if we cannot match your price, we truly hope we can win your business on the basis that we go above and beyond when it comes to customer support & care. Thanks for keeping us in mind!

Our Policies Regarding Price Matching

- Due to many variances with eBay sellers, Amazon, eBay bids, and eBay auctions, price match requests via eBay or Amazon may not be accepted.

 - Free Shipping may not be offered (if applicable) unless the price match competitor also offers a similar Free Shipping method. Even if the competitor offers similar Free Shipping, price matching may not be offered with Free Shipping.

- Website specials, discounts, sales or otherwise cannot be combined with price matches if your price match is approved.

- Any price match request can be declined for any reason at the sole discretion of Vmar

, as some sellers simply sell far below a cost we can offer.

- Price match must be based upon identical model with same equipment, hardware and/or accessories.

- Price matches are based upon actual price of item – taxes, shipping, fees, or other such things will not be calculated into the price match approval.

 - Discount specials, coupon codes, and other price drops via other sellers cannot be factored into a price match.


 Will Vmar Shop email me if my price match is confirmed or denied?

 Yes! We will send an email your way as soon as we review the price match you have submitted.

 Will my price match also qualify for Free Shipping?

 This depends on the price match value, the website the price match came from, and so forth. Often, other competitors will offer lower prices, but will not offer Free Shipping options as we do for purchases $100.00 or greater.

In a case such as this, we cannot offer Free Shipping, as the reduction in price negates this option. But, if a website with a lower price than us offers a similar Free Shipping method, we will do our best to accommodate this option for you.

 If I have a price match item, and Vmar has a special discount being offered on the item I am interested in, do I receive the added discount off my price match?

 Sorry, we cannot price match an item and also apply a noted promotional discount.

 I have several price match items I have submitted – will all these items be matched at once, and will the pricing be updated in my shopping cart?

 As for multiple items, each item will need to be individually approved, so you will receive an email confirmation for each item. If approved, the items will show the new pricing on our site, or in your cart.

 How long will my price match be valid?

 Once your price match has been accepted, you will be given a date when it will expire – don’t take too long to order!

 I purchased an item from your site, but later found it for less – is this valid for a refund or credit?

 Sorry, but price matches are for purchases only – refunds / credits are not retroactive.

 My local hobby shop has a lower price – how do I submit a price match?

 For a price match via a local hobby shop, we will need some documentation of the pricing in order to proceed with any price match. To submit this documentation, please use the "Contact Us" area of our site to make the proper submission for price matching documentation.